Friday, May 3, 2013

Another guy talks about going home (literally and figuratively)

When you have an hour or so, treat yourself to a conversation with Justice Thomas.  He describes his Catholic education including his time in the seminary, his Catholic faith, his embracing of his family's values after having "eschewed" them and his long-felt desire to go home to Georgia, what happens to blacks who openly disagree with the opinions of the "elites", and much much more.

His stories about what the nuns taught him and the other children at an all-black school in a poor part of Georgia are heart-warming and touching (especially the story about the nun he visited recently at the retirement center).

Justice Thomas has been a hero of mine for quite awhile now.  Whenever you have the opportunity to hear him speak at length on CSPAN or wherever, I recommend it.

The media have described him since his confirmation as unqualified. They obviously have not heard him speak (nor do they care to) -- but not to worry, he understands why, and he says so in this conversation.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Frozen Fire