Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Why are Bill and Melinda Gates getting divorced?

Some people think that the close quarters caused by the COVID lockdowns are responsible for the demise of Bill and Melinda Gates's marriage. Others point out that if you spell divorce backwards, you can see the letters COVID pretty clearly. And Bill Gates has defintely had an unhealthy obsession with COVID, and no, this is not only a rightwing conspiracy.

But I believe that it is a different obsession which caused his wife to leave him. It is his obsession with human feces. Everywhere Gates goes he carries a jar of poop with him. And in November of 2018, he gave a well publicized talk with his pet poop right there next to him in a glass jar, speculating about what sort of diseases might be residing within the mineral-rich substance.

"This small amount of feces," Gates said, brandishing the jar of excrement, "could contain as many as 200 trillion rotavirus cells, 20 billion shigella bacteria and 100,000 parasitic worm eggs."

The audience had to appreciate that vivid description. And they were so grateful to be able to view Bill's actual stool sample. Visualizing human dung, as if it were something a person saw every day or two, can be a challenge. Good thing he was "brandishing" it, as NPR noted.

A prized sample from the Gates Foundation's ever-growing collection of human excrement.

People, this is not a molded foam poop emoji that someone like me might or might not have in their top desk drawer to relieve stress by squeezing. This is not even a picture of "Poop from Heaven" which one of my kids might or might not have drawn when he was six-and-a-half.

This is actual poop and it is inside a jar and you can see it. Not like the shoebox which I had in the garage because I was too lazy to come in the house and that my wife found later and didn't want to talk to me for a few days afterward.

By the way, speaking of wives in general. Women do not understand men's obsession with human dung and the production thereof. That is why I have to figure that Melinda finally cracked. Allegedly, she is some type of Catholic, and so when Pope Francis used the word coprophilia it must have struck home.

This theory could all be wrong. It might be that Melinda could no longer hide the fact that she prefers iPhones to the Microsoft POS phone that Bill got for her last Christmas, and this is a huge problem for him. But I still think it is more likely that Bill's obsession with literal Pieces Of Sh*t is a bigger problem for her. However maybe the two go together; this is the guy who got rich selling this stuff.

Monday, May 3, 2021

There is a war on Black America

There is a war going on against blacks in America. And it is almost entirely being waged by Democrats. Excerpt:

While Democrats try to cover their racist past, including that of their poster boy Joe Biden, Democrats this week were more exposed than Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

Sen. Tim Scott, an astute black United States Senator from the former slave state of South Carolina was elected to the United States Senate in 2016, garnering 61 percent of the vote.

In fact, according to Breitbart Scott “earned more raw votes and won by a wider margin than Donald Trump.” In other words, Scott is extremely popular in his state. He is also considered by some to be a rising star in the Republican Party.

And for that, Scott is a scourge to Democrats, who expect all minorities—primarily blacks and Hispanics—to support and identify as Democrats.

This past Wednesday, Scott was tapped by the GOP to give the response to Biden’s Congressional (don’t call it a State of the Union) address. Now one might say that Scott was chosen specifically due to his race, which is exactly the trap Democrats fell into.

Never mind the fact that Scott is a bright, articulate voice of conservative ideals. Democrats did exactly what they accuse Republicans of doing…played the race card.

Read the whole thing. John Nolte is right when he pointed out that Senotor Scott "smoked out" the racists in the Democrat Party and elsewhere. By elsewhere, I am particularly thinking of Fred Wellman of the pedophile-infested Lincoln Project, the newest refuge of Republican wokeism, who merely engaged in the standard imperious assertions, proclaiming the speech utter bulls--- and a pathetic joke. Meaning they have no argument.

In my opinion, the Stupidity Award goes to David Leavitt who parrots the line about George Floyd being killed because of racism, a claim that Minnesota AG Keith Ellison recently debunked.

Here's to the courage and bravery of people like Senator Tim Scott to speak truth to power.