Friday, July 23, 2010

"Wuining the countwy"

Kathleen posted this in the comments, and I decided it's funny enough to merit a post of it's own. They get a little carried away and descend into "potty humor", and of course that just makes me laugh harder. But the point is that they expose and utterly obliterate what Rod Dreher rightly calls "emotivism", except unlike him, they do it in such a way that doesn't put you to sleep.

"Bankwupted ouw pawents." lol

Thursday, July 22, 2010

IMAO on Journolist

When all the serious books about the tragicomic Obama years are written, a lot of the stuff these clowns wrote to the Journolist will be included. But don't look for the mainstream media to cover it now, it's too embarrassing. Instead we have to trust the task to conservative bloggers. As usual with these kind of stories about stories, I am most interested in the humor angle, so IMAO has just hit the spot with these great one-liners. Here are my faves:

If terrorists blew up the Statue of Liberty, it would be a symbolic victory but also get them compared to damn, dirty apes.

When liberal journalists call people fascists and demand the government shut them up, that’s some kind of rony but I forget what kind. Oh yeah; the “i” kind.

Good line to tell the police next time you get caught with a dead hooker: “Let’s just call this a teachable moment.”

We should hunt down the members of the Journolist, set them on fire, and throw them off a building. Rhetorically.

So what should we have Andrew Breitbart make the WH do next? Bark like a dog?

I suspected the people behind the Ground Zero mosque were up to something when I found out they were Muslim.

Thanks, Frank J.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Say 'HI' to your mother"

Sue Real.

"Heaven Hide Your Eyes"

But not your ears, please. Mark Egan from Pat Metheny plays bass on this tune and just lets it rip. Beautiful.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These boys be workin'

NAACP: Civil Rights Abuser

Dennis Prager delivers devastating clarity on the continued race card playing by the left, especially the NAACP. Here's a taste:

One year and eight months after the president's election, one can say with certitude that the election of a black has done nothing to change the dominant story (because the Left dominates our stories) about American racism. It is as central to the liberal/Left depiction of America now as it has been since the civil rights era.

But there is one very big difference. The vast majority of non-blacks no longer cower before the charge of racism. You can see it in the anger and ferocity of various tea parties' responses to the false accusation of the NAACP. Before the election of Obama, an NAACP attack on one's anti-racist credentials might have been debilitating. No more.

It seems quite possible that the NAACP has now lost whatever moral clout it had among Americans. It is now seen by more and more Americans as what in fact it became some time ago―an abuser of its civil rights moral cachet.

Please read the entire article to experience the full effect of a well-reasoned Prager argument. Every paragraph of it is powerful, backed by evidence and common sense, and contributes to the conclusion:

Therefore, if the NAACP's preoccupation with white racism reflects the thinking of most or even many blacks, it means that there is nothing white America can do to undo the ongoing perception of endemic racism in this country―a perception that is now considerably more destructive to blacks than to American society as a whole.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eat your heart out

I listened to about 10 minutes of the Glenn Beck radio show last Friday, and I laughed so hard I was short of breath, and I was happy for the rest of the day. I know the guy has some whacked out ideas and has said a few incorrect things about religion and history. But my guess is that anyone who incessantly slams him is simply jealous of his talent. They were playing a clip from some liberal group which accused him of saying that Jesus taught Nazi-ism, and they were laughing at it and heaping upon it the ridicule which it deserved. Catholics and other Christians and conservatives who go beyond correction of Beck's errors by slamming him with vitriol and name-calling effectively demonstrate how jealous they are of the man's position, and well as display their blindness for the good he does; he is definitely on our side in the current milieu.