Friday, May 23, 2008

Instant Blogging Gratification

I'm pleased to announce my new blog site, Cyber Comment, the site that lets anyone and everyone post to it. The way it works is you just send an email to cybercomment at and voila! a blog entry is posted with the email subject as the title. You can include links, pictures, tables -- anything you can send via your email program.

There are many great things about Cyber Comment, other than the fact that it's free. One is that you can blog whenever you want and you don't have to feel guilty for not posting everyday. I know a lot of blog owners suffer under this incredible burden of guilt, even non-Catholic ones. I don't because I don't owe any of you anything. (Except my wife... Hi, Honey! uh... of course I'll do the dishes, heh, heh....)

Another great thing is that you can remain anonymous if you wish. You don't have to sign your name, obviously you may if you wish. Just remember that I know who you are and I'm saving all the emails in case I get a call from a lawyer.

So have at it. Just remember to spell check it before you send it, dog.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Thought it was interesting that Hucakabee, who's out of the race, beat Ron Paul, who's still running, in the Kentucky GOP primary. Not surprising, though, because Huckabee sounds like Kentucky, plus he's got that whole blue grass preacher mojo thing workin'.

President Obama Equals More Hedgehogs in the Pants

Jennifer Rubin links to a NY Times op-ed, which corrects Barack Obama's revisionist take on how great the original Kennedy-Khrushchev talks were for the United States.

Senior American statesmen like George Kennan advised Kennedy not to rush into a high-level meeting, arguing that Khrushchev had engaged in anti-American propaganda and that the issues at hand could as well be addressed by lower-level diplomats. Kennedy’s own secretary of state, Dean Rusk, had argued much the same in a Foreign Affairs article the previous year: “Is it wise to gamble so heavily? Are not these two men who should be kept apart until others have found a sure meeting ground of accommodation between them?”

But Kennedy went ahead, and for two days he was pummeled by the Soviet leader. . .Kennedy’s aides convinced the press at the time that behind closed doors the president was performing well, but American diplomats in attendance, including the ambassador to the Soviet Union, later said they were shocked that Kennedy had taken so much abuse. Paul Nitze, the assistant secretary of defense, said the meeting was “just a disaster.” Khrushchev’s aide, after the first day, said the American president seemed “very inexperienced, even immature.” Khrushchev agreed, noting that the youthful Kennedy was “too intelligent and too weak.” The Soviet leader left Vienna elated — and with a very low opinion of the leader of the free world....

A little more than two months later, Khrushchev gave the go-ahead to begin erecting what would become the Berlin Wall. Kennedy had resigned himself to it, telling his aides in private that “a wall is a hell of a lot better than a war.” The following spring, Khrushchev made plans to “throw a hedgehog at Uncle Sam’s pants”: nuclear missiles in Cuba. And while there were many factors that led to the missile crisis, it is no exaggeration to say that the impression Khrushchev formed at Vienna — of Kennedy as ineffective — was among them.

Everything about Obama scares me, but this "negotiations without preconditions" nonsense bugs me more than his bomb-freak buddies, his nutty preacher and his naggy wife. His original quote was something like "Kennedy talked to Khruschev and he took those missiles out of Cuba." Uhhh... don't you think the US Naval blockade might have had something to do with that? Get a clue on history, America, or go buy an athletic cup.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Don't Have Superpowers

Some of you may think I do. But, hey, I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else, dog.


...almost everybody.

But I must confess a desire to see the blooper reel.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Cracked up at "Economy Sucks? We’re Going To Disney World!" by J. J. Jackson. Excerpt:

Well ask yourself this, if everything sucks so bad, the economy is in shambles and we on the verge of (or even in) a recession then how is it that people are just blowing their cash on extremely frivolous things? Things like, oh I don’t know, going to Disney theme parks?

Yes, you heard right. In this time of such dire circumstances attendance at Disney’s parks in the United States is up 5% and revenues are up even higher - 11% give or take. In other words, not only are more people going to Disney’s parks, but they are spending more money there too.

Hmm. Interesting. Is spending lots of money on leisure something you often do as the first thing when you fear a potential economic problem? I know that there are people out there that spend money they don’t have (see the sub-prime housing fiasco for example) but I am talking to you, an intelligent human being and not some schlub who would not know how to save a dollar if their life depended on it.

As a country we are supposed to be suffering economically. We are supposed to be worried about losing our jobs and wondering if our paycheck will be handed to us twice a month on schedule and actively questioning where our next meal will be coming from. We are told that our neighbors are suffering and that they are not able to afford simple things like clothes for their children without tightening their belts beyond the last available notch. If they can even still afford a belt that is.

One of the readers of EQE is planning a Disneyworld trip. We expect a full report.