Saturday, October 24, 2009

People's Cube Reports: Obama's War Is a Quagmire

His war on FOX News, that is. Too funny.

Despite the President's promise of a swift and decisive victory, Obama's War on Fox News has developed all signs of an unwinnable quagmire, making the White House even more isolated in its unilateral attempts to crush the growing media insurgency. As the war continues to grind on for a second month, public opinion is shifting towards a quick and complete withdrawal. While many observers still agree that the "War on Limbaugh" is a "just and necessary war," even the former supporters of the war effort are now labeling the War on Fox an "unnecessary war of choice" and claim that the cable channel had nothing to do with Obama's falling approval numbers.

I also have to include this bit on Dan Rather:

The war is also personal for the aging media veteran Dan Rather, who had won many media battles but one single failure brought him a dishonorable discharge. As a result he is now suffering from Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD), has become homeless, and lives somewhere under the Manhattan Bridge. "This war has put a lot of wear and tear on liberal commentators," Rather observes. "Their families are being broken up because they come back home with PTSD, STD, PMS, with drug and alcohol addictions, and afflicted by severe violent and suicidal tendencies."

Check out the whole page for great fake commie art, the Cube's specialty. Here's a taste.

Love it. Looks like she's about to sneeze.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Does size matter?

funny pictures of cats with captions
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A friend emailed me a link to this lolcat with the subject "The Mantis regrets this". This is in reference to my former nickname, The Mantis, which I bore through the mid to late eighties, my rock and roll years. Why was I called the Mantis? I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with my slender physique, pointy nose and green bulging eyes. I remember we were always making up short stories about the Mantis and how he was recruiting soldiers to take over the galaxy and whatnot. Plus I had a girlfriend who almost bit my head off several times.

Three Cheers for the Media!

I'm serious. This is such an amazing story. And it's a big loss for the Obama administration.

Hat tip to Moe Lane at Redstate. Lane also mentions that Hot Air is covering it; there are tons of links there. The other networks must be embarrassed since they are still carrying water for Dear Leader, so it has only been mentioned on FOX so far (per Lane yesterday.)

I hope we can lay to rest the looney tune idea from the Alex Jonesians et al that FOX news is "just like the others." If so, why do they specifically get singled out by the Obama Administration?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kevin Jennings is a member of ACT UP

Bill Donohue asks "Why does Obama like Kevin Jennings?"

Catholic League president Bill Donohue speaks to the selection of Kevin Jennings as Director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools:

On September 23, I wrote a news release on the curious moral credentials of Kevin Jennings to be President Obama’s Safe Schools Czar: a former drug user and irresponsible teen counselor, he is also a Christian basher. What was not known at the time is that he is also a proud member of ACT UP, the homosexual urban terrorist group that broke into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1989 and disrupted Mass; the Eucharist was desecrated and obscene depictions of Cardinal O’Connor were posted.

Now a group called MassResistance, and the website WorldNetDaily, have exposed Jennings as a member of ACT UP. And he is no mere member: Jennings is listed as a donor to a sick display, “ACT UP New York: Activism, Art, and the AIDS Crisis, 1987-1993,” currently featured at the Harvard Art Museum. Harvard, of course, would never feature a display of Klan paraphernalia and say it was being done for the purpose of “dialogue.”

The real story here is not the corruption of Harvard—that’s old hat—the real story is the president of the United States choosing a morally challenged anti-Catholic homosexual to join his team. That Jennings belongs to, and sponsors, an urban terrorist organization, should alone disqualify him from public service at a municipal level. And remember, Obama did not choose him to monitor global cooling—he was chosen to instruct youth on moral matters.

Catholics deserve to know why Obama likes Jennings.

Andrew Breitbart turns up the heat

This stuff is sooooooo good. This is Part 4 of Breitbart's press conference yesterday

Here's part 5.

There's a part 1 and part 2 also. Part 3 is basically the showing of the video which I posted last night. Catch everything by going to Washington News Observer's Youtube page.

I think ACORN has got to be scared. It's getting like a poker game at this point. Who's going to fold first? Breitbart is not breaking a sweat. Loved the point about the idiots saying "FOX News is behind this." Then: "So... why aren't they suing FOX news??" These criminals are getting sloppy. Naturally, they haven't had to be careful up until now. They are going to screw up.

MCJ on the Personal Ordinariate Announcement

Popped over to MCJ for his take on the developments. Plenty of stuff there from someone who welcomes the news and who can't write a bad sentence nor one without the perfect measure of wit.

So start off with Bombshell which contains the great line: "Odd, isn’t it, how the hidebound, reactionary church was the one that took the revolutionary step?" Over 100 comments on that one.

Then he posted yesterday, Day Two, which I just skimmed. He also links to a quote from Father Rutler.

[The Vatican's Anglican provision] is a dramatic slap-down of liberal Anglicanism and a total repudiation of the ordination of women, homosexual marriage and the general neglect of doctrine in Anglicanism. Indeed, it is a final rejection of Anglicanism. It basically interprets Anglicanism as a spiritual patrimony based on ethnic tradition rather than substantial doctrine and makes clear that it is not a historic “church” but rather an “ecclesial community” that strayed and now is invited to return to communion with the Pope as Successor of Peter.

The Vatican was careful to schedule simultaneously with the Vatican announcement, a press conference of the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster and the deeply humiliated Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury to enable the Anglicans to save some face by saying that this recognizes the spiritual patrimony of Anglicanism and that ecumenical dialogue goes ahead. That is like George Washington at Yorktown saying that he recognizes the cultural contributions of Britain and hopes diplomatic relations flourish. The Apostolic Constitution is not a retraction of ecumenical desires, but rather is the fulfillment of ecumenical aspirations, albeit not the way most Anglican leaders had envisioned it.

Oh, man. The George Washington analogy―ouch. That's got to hurt dear Mr. Williams.

Today's offering from Christopher is a high-larious smackdown delivered to several alabandical reactions to the news from liberal quarters.

Heck, we got loads of R.E. for y'all

In Father Longenecker's excellent piece on the Anglican Personal Ordinariate announcement, these paragraphs popped out at me:

For mainstream Anglicans, the right thing would be for the Anglican Communion worldwide to face this challenge squarely and put their own provisions in place for Anglo-Catholics to leave and take their buildings and resources with them. The Anglicans across the world should realize that their communion is shrinking and look at things from a practical point of view. They already have too many buildings and staff members to maintain. What would be the point of having a great Anglo-Catholic church if there is nobody there to fill the pews? In English cities, there are plenty of Anglican churches that could very easily be handed over. Corporations downsize all the time. Part of that process is stripping out and getting rid of the properties they no longer need.

The Anglicans should be realistic and set up the procedures for an Anglican-Use Roman Catholic parish in every town. That would solve their problem of the troublesome Anglo-Catholics and free them to then turn the Anglican Church into the Politically Correct Church of Christ. While this would be the sensible and Christian way forward, it is unlikely to happen. Instead, be prepared for more property battles as disaffected Anglicans attempt to leave and take their assets with them.

My guess is that the Anglican powers-that-be are not going to let the property go. But in Cleveland—and I'm guessing many other metro areas—this would not present much of a problem. There are all kinds of churches being closed which could be given to new Anglican use parishes. This would mean kind of a win-win in any case where the traditional Anglicans can't keep there old digs, the outcome on which I'd put my money.

Meanwhile, the Catholic League has a good release dispelling the myth of a supposed "bidding war" orchestrated by the Pope and the Vatican for the traditional Anglicans. Donohue ends the release by asking which other parties were bidding against the Catholic Church, lol.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Philadelphia ACORN gets owned

Ohhhhhh, what a tangled web we weave,

When we practise to deceive!

85 Points and Rising

Now for the latest installment in the continuing saga of intensifying insanity accompanied by increasing font sizes to morbidly large proportions. First I complained of font sizes in the low to mid 20's, then a sudden doubling to 48-point. But these seem like nothing at this point; they appear teensy next to what met my tired eyes this evening.

The typeface is Bauhaus 93. The size is 85-point. Click the image for the full effect of the actual size 85.

He definitely knows how to grab the attention, he even added a shadow effect on the red type. Maybe this dude could get into desktop publishing. He could do posters for reggae bands or video game packages or something.

The subject of of the font was, of course, the release of Alex Jones's new documentary Fall of the Republic. I wonder how much money Jones makes of the idiots who buy his crap?

Andrew Breitbart: ACORN videos = "the Abu Gharib of the Great Society"

I didn't know how to embed this video, nor whether it's possible, so I'm just linking to it here. But I agree with Andrew Breitbart. There is a war going on with the media. We must use the weapons at our disposal to fight it. And Breitbart has got the mojo to run the dojo.

Someone said "A lie will go around the world while truth is pulling its boots on." There's not much you can do about this velocity disparity since fallen humans often wish lies to be true more than they want to accept the truth.

But once truth does pull on its boots, hopefully the boots will be used to crush skulls and break limbs of the falsehood generators. In this regard, Andrew Breitbart is a fighter to emulate in this war. Thanks to him, ACORN is now toxic to politicians, even if the organization is not completely neutralized. Another guy mentioned here in the past who knows how to wield media weapons is John Ziegler, who commissioned that Zogby poll about how ignorant Obama voters actually were. And, of course, Roger Simon and all the folks over at PJTV.

Rush Limbaugh on the news media's contempt for conservatives

Here's the conclusion from Rush's excellent opinion piece in WSJ:

As I explained on my radio show, this spectacle is bigger than I am on several levels. There is a contempt in the news business, including the sportswriter community, for conservatives that reflects the blind hatred espoused by Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson. "Racism" is too often their sledgehammer. And it is being used to try to keep citizens who don't share the left's agenda from participating in the full array of opportunities this nation otherwise affords each of us. It was on display many years ago in an effort to smear Clarence Thomas with racist stereotypes and keep him off the Supreme Court. More recently, it was employed against patriotic citizens who attended town-hall meetings and tea-party protests.

These intimidation tactics are working and spreading, and they are a cancer on our society.

That last line is what scares me the most, because I do think these tactics seem to be working. The media and the left all feel empowered now that they have someone in the White House, empowered to attack those with different ideas.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because the left loves to lie and the press doesn't mind playing along

OOPS! Self-righteous liar from the "yes men" gets caught out...These "yes men" types go around faking press interviews/press conferences. They are quite impressed with themselves. Today our crusading Yes Man was impersonating the Chamber of Commerce at the National Press Club, stating that the Chamber objects to clean coal and would prefer solar energy. He gets outed by a real employee of the Chamber who accidentally got wind of the fraudulent press conference. The attendant press gets a clue and asks our crusading "yes man" who the hell he really is, and he answers with pathetic liberal boilerplate. And his voice quivers cuz he's really bummed his farce wasn't swallowed whole in what would have been an orgasmic Alinsky-ite apotheosis for his pathetic psyche. disgusting.

Ohio Issue 3: Just Say 'No'

Norma put up this post concerning Ohio Issue 3 over 6 weeks ago and it is still generating comments and hits. She had a guest blogger, Buckeye RINO, write the meat of the post which definitely touched nerves, here's an excerpt:

Gamblers have no idea how much "entertainment" they will receive for a set price. Conceivably one gambler can be entertained all day for $20, while another will lose that same $20 within seconds. Casinos are thieves that try to seize all that they can. Casinos are not open, not transparent, which is why they are the preferred venue for money laundering.

Somali pirates create jobs. Nigerian scammers create jobs. Of course casinos create jobs, but the jobs that are created are not the product of newly created wealth. They are parasitic jobs that feed off the plundered wealth that others created. Similarly, taxes, which are confiscated wealth that others created, also fund jobs. But just as we cannot tax our society into prosperity, we cannot gamble our society into prosperity. Producers are the wealth creators, and casinos aren't producers.

I contributed a bit within the comments, which are worth reading. Not my comments, mind you, but some of the others. Although, in reviewing the post I did notice that I linked to a worthwhile fact-checking site regarding Ohio Issue 3.

I've heard the pro-gambling side from people: recreational casino users who know when to quit and assume everyone else does, business owners who want to add slot machines for extra bucks, etc. They all say the same thing: people should take responsibility for themselves, none of the government's business, etc. They sound sanctimoniously libertarian. But there is a social cost to gambling and it preys on the weakest and poorest. Huge corporations are running the show, and their coziness with the state governments should make even the libertarians wary.

Not Nazis, just elite Chicago thugs

There's that word elite again, this time being used by William Murchison of DMN to describe Obama and his administration.

This isn't Hitler stuff to tell the truth. It puts one more in mind of an elite class of Chicagoans: the kind once widely known for putting the squeeze on merchants who had chosen a different supplier and now needed a little persuasion -- so's the guys could finally see the light, right? Labor unions, too, back in their heyday, were good at a little friendly coercion, slyly demonstrating to bosses the virtues of "cooperation."

The whole thing is well-written; I especially appreciated his sarcasm about "points of view" in the media. As if only FOX news had one.