Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Jonathan, what have you done?"

Speaking of si vis pacem....

Man, can't wait for 5/17/19. Very happy this is after my anniversary; wouldn't drag my wife to see this one.

Best response to Covington Student incident from a Bishop

The best response from a representative of the Catholic Church about the Covington students comes to us in the form of two tweets from Bishop Rick Stika of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee. He recounts the story of a priest who was an eye-witness at the event.

I spoke to a good priest friend of mine who was part of his group at the March for Life. He was in front of the group from Covington. He was the priest heckled by the Black Hebrew Israelites with slurs like white faggot and child rapists and other horrific slurs. The boys wanted to protect the priest and his group from this bigoted attack so they formed a barrier and then the Native American who earlier tried to disrupt Mass appeared and the rest is history. It was not about the MAGA hat buts rather bigots who were attacking verbally those who marched.

Everyone is posting the tweets on Facebook, but tweets are hard to read, sorry. It has become a standardized format, but call me old-fashioned. I like to read paragraphs like a human being, not consume packets like a processor.

Well, the good Bishop's story confirms what we already know. And if you have a hard time believing that a bunch of violent nuts in a cult might hurl expletives at a Catholic priest, you need to get out more.

Bishop Stika with Pope Francis


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Housekeeping, War, Etc.

I am currently contemplating a total change of focus for this blog. But I have to take care of a few housekeeping matters before I do.

The reason I am about to make a shift — and my Facebook friends know this — is that this Covington episode has really got me riled up. It is an event the like I have never seen before as far as being a test, as Michelle Malkin says a "Rorschach test", to determine if you belong on the side of sensible Americans or on the hate-filled left. I haven't really been surprised so far by any reaction to the true story, and I've only been slightly surprised at the level of cowardice to which the Diocese of Covington has descended in their tacit approval of the media's biased, condemnatory stance.

I am also pleasantly surprised that the parents are lawyering up and getting ready to level libel suits against media outlets for smearing their kids. Too many times in the past we've let the whole ugly machine roll over us.

I would be very happy to be wrong about this, make no mistake, but I have the feeling that this incident might be the beginning of the current cold civil war heating up to the boiling point. We have people on the right getting ready to fight in a very aggressive way against the unthinking mob on the left. And we have the left hunkering down, completely unwilling to apologize for willful blindness on this.

But I'm ready for whatever comes. That's my point.

I've got a post I need to do from before the election which I plan to get to tomorrow, then I have a payoff from this post which will be entitled How I am facing things head-on. Maybe with more caps... but that will be done on Friday.

After that. Get ready.