Friday, December 28, 2007

I Missed This One

This is sooooo funny to me. - Watch more free videos

HT Pud.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kid Quote of the Week

From my 3-year-old, Joe. He's almost 4.

Papa, Santa Claus isn't real --
But he must be real!

Wise, Zen-like and almost poetic, I say, but I'm partial. I didn't comment, but I asked him what he would get for Santa Claus for Christmas and he described an intricate anti-theft device called an "X-Ray Getter" which would keep the robbers from stealing his stuff. Sounds practical, you know, for the "guy-who-has-everything" on your list.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Blog Miracle Healing and Blue Orange Ohio Sky

Regular readers might have noticed that the top of this blog was messed up the other day. I don't know why, but it's healed now. Anyway, I kind of threw a temper tantrum and put up a picture from my Treo that I took flying west down I-480 and a bunch of text. That picture was also not showing up properly until this morning, at which time I restored my "3 out of 4 horse-dudes of ye olde Apocalypse" masthead.

But I like this picture. It's got that Lord of the Flippin' Rings thing going on, don't you think? You see a sky like that and it makes your stomach growl for a big-arse pizza with the family and some Celtic music. Or something.

Reconditioned Pre-conditions

Maybe he should become a Rastafarian.

The Archbishop of Canterbury questioned the accuracy of the Nativity story in a BBC television interview.

Dr. Rowan Williams, the worldwide leader of the Anglican communion, said that the story of the Magi in particular is vague at best, and the claim that the followed a star to Bethlehem is incredible because "stars do not behave like that."

The Anglican leader said that it is "very unlikely" that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in December. The tradition of celebrating the Nativity in December only arose, he said, "because it fitted well with the winter festival."

Archbishop Williams who questioned whether Jesus was born of a virgin. While he personally accepts that tenet of faith, he said, "that's not a pre-condition for being a Christian."

Nice, doubts once again get to stand in for faith and Our Lady is once again reduced to being a single mom who might, or might not, have conceived miraculously. Whatever.

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I'm Back with Jack

My fourth son showed up Thursday afternoon. He was born at home, some 8-odd pounds, healthy, blah, blah, but I soon realized that I was going to have to keep at least two eyes on this little guy, whose name turned out to be Andrew Jack. This is because he wasn't an hour old and he'd already performed three tricks.

First of all, he came out in the bag. I guess nobody ever told him you can't take it with you. This never happens in the hospital where they break a woman's water in the parking garage.

Then the next thing the mid-wives notice is that he's got his hand on his chin in a perfect Jack Benny "Hmmmmmm...." pose, you know, like he can't decide whether to have the 6-course meal or the a la carte. I'm sure he would have played the violin if we'd had one.

Thirdly.... he winked at me! I noted the closed eye, it was his right one. Then later he winks at me with his left eye! I don't think I could wink until I was seven years old and had two years of winking lessons under my belt.


Also -- I mentioned he was little, but I have a feeling that that's kind of a trick too. He already looks like he's getting slightly bigger. This is possibly the greatest trick of all and the most common. They do all the growing when we're not looking.

[Picture available if you email me.]