Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Sidebar Feature

The new feature here at Est Quod Est is creatively entitled "The Pile of Stuff I've been reading". The fact is that I'm too lazy busy to blog on everything I check out on the 'net, even though I find much of it interesting.

So if something catches your eye over there, please feel free to comment on some "unrelated" post. Remember: rudeness is the rule here and shyness is "right out" as the Brits say. Sure, I'm the Dictator for Life at this blog, but think of it as a Banana Republic where the ruling class is a bit ambition-challenged and drinks a lot of rum.

Barone Contrasts Latest UAW Strike with Previous in 1970

Here. His conclusion:

It turns out that market competition punishes those firms whose costs are out of line with others. It also produces better value for consumers, as today's cars are far superior in quality to the clunkers of 1970. And it can make things better for workers, as well. The reason the UAW demanded 30-and-out in 1970 was that workers hated their assembly-line jobs. Newer manufacturing techniques, pioneered by Japanese firms, give workers more autonomy and responsibility -- and more job satisfaction. The business model of 1970 is history. But most of us are better off today.

To the disparaging "clunkers", I prefer the more affectionate moniker "land yachts".

Also the article kind of reminds me of that Yaz tune "Goodbye Seventies". Nothing like dating myself, totally.