Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This is more like it

Tony's drinking again! What's with the red shades on Hawkeye?

A Lego figurine of a female is sort of lacking in the figure department. The Black Widow looks more like Peppermint Patty than Scarjo.

This is just so stupid

And I apologize in advance for posting it.

But can you believe it got 56 million hits! The Harlem Shake, my gosh....

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Story With a Happy Ending

Here's a good story from the execellent Guns Save Lives site.

The Guns Save Lives site is really a great resource, reporting a lot of stories that national media won't cover because the messaging goes against the politically correct mantra that guns cost lives. So there's the equal time aspect. Stories where the perp is eliminated have the added uplifting elements of savings for the taxpayer and lessening of burdens on the judicial and penal systems.

"She put him down with a 22. Must be a good shot." Love it.

Gets your blood moving

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bill Simon, Artist

I saw my friend Bill at a party over the weekend. He's gone back to school recently to work on an art degree. He showed me a really well-creafted documentary that features a short interview with him and a sample of his work.

His stuff goes for about a minute then it goes on to other, um... stuff. Actually some of the other stuff is OK. Some of it might not be safe for work, depending where you work. The jazz is pretty cool; great production by this John Thornton dude.


Really nice sound.

Now I'm a Bully

The Baton Rouge Business Report Topix forum post has heated up again and I have been dubbed "an out and out bully [who] is obviously eaten up with hatred and jealousy." Someone named Ellen Kennon weighs in with the following:

These posts are beyond rude! Why do you folks posting such hatred insist he wrote this book to make fun of you and the people in this town? I would imagine telling such an honest, raw story would have been very difficult for him. The book is getting rave reviews and help put this town in a good light with a true spirit of community. The person who writes that horrible blog about Rod is an out and out bully and is obviously eaten up with hatred and jealousy. What in the world ever happened to compassion? Surely, we can all agree to live by the golden rule? Good grief.

Then later...

I write with a sense of the friendship I have to date with Rod and feel I am a very good judge of character. I am not interested in predictions of Rod's downfall, but as a resident of SF for 23 years, it's fair to say I claim a certain level of observation. Putting these posts on the Internet for the world to see only makes us look like the "little people" you claim he makes us out to be.

For the record, I have never predicted "Rod's downfall", only that he would move his family again away from St. Francisville. Many others on that post have done the same. If we are proven wrong about this, I'll just shrug and say "I was wrong, we were wrong". I think the man is restless and craves the stimulation of the new and novel.

UPDATE: If you just showed up here, you've got to check out the Bonnie Blue Bullying post. It's an instant Rod Dreher classic.