Thursday, February 28, 2008

Buckley's Interview with Malcolm Muggeridge on Firing Line

Cubeland Mystic comments on how Buckley help change his life for the better.

"Over 20 years ago, I was channel surfing at a time in my life when I was kind of lost and in need of some guidance. As I recall it was late evening before cable, most certainly a Sunday, past the time of sports, probably in an off season.

Dying faith, no guiding philosophy, and no direction, the channel stopped on PBS, while these two older men discussed God. I was fixated. I don't recall if it was a 30 minute or 60 minute program, but I had never heard such richness of conversation in my life. Depth, conviction, intellect, and all directed toward understanding faith and God. Every sentence was clear and meaningful. It was Buckley interviewing Muggeridge.

I did not really know what a conservative was I had no faith, nor did I understand how savage politics could be, all I knew at that point is I wanted to be like them. I ordered up the transcript, and kept it till this day. That Firing Line changed my life. It would take another decade before I realized myself to be a conservative, and to finally revert back to Roman Catholicism. Thank you Mr. Buckley, you made a difference in my life. Rest In Peace, and please pray for us."

Via Dave Armstrong's site, I found an edited, online transcript of the broadcast as well as a Real Audio feed of the entire broadcast. The picture I posted here is courtesy of Cubeland Mystic.

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  1. Thanks Pauli, I didn't expect that.

    I want to explain the change in my life. It's the point where I became an "intellectual". I hope I can say that not being lettered or a published author? I was still a-political and hostile toward religion.

    The serious reading followed that interview. The interview was the first watering of the seed. I am guessing it played a role in me not declaring business as a major.

    He was just an amazing speaker and writer. Let's hope the book he was working on at the time of his death, is in a state in which someone can finish and publish.

  2. An intellectual should mean someone who engages in critical thinking, right? I don't think you need some membership card.


    The previous site has Buckley debating Noam Chomsky in 1969. It is very interesting.

  4. the muggeridge/buckley talk was not available in audio, sadly. thanks though.

  5. Here is some of that Buckley/Muggeridge talk here