Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rod Dreher is on Twitter

A lot of "Where's Rod Dreher?" posts have appeared on the internets in the last year ever since he went blogless. Here are a few examples. But the man has been on Twitter since Feb 24 and although he doesn't tweet every day, he has tweeted an average of seven times a week so far.

Of course I was immediately impressed with his profile picture which speaks a thousand words, as all pictures do. I think some of those words are "There's nothing like your favorite wine to take the edge off a bad hair day." Or something like that.

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  1. Worst Rod-tweet so far:

    They start as sleepovers for Scouts and end as incubators for sailors who sail our ships into wars that bankrupt us:

  2. pikku -- what on earth does that even mean? Oh my gosh, what a deranged tweet!

  3. Yeah, I didn't realize that the Templeton Foundation is anti-boy scouts.

  4. The Man From K StreetApril 14, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    Yeah, that anti-USS Intrepid link tweet kinda jumped out at me too.

    Political tweeting, like blogging, and like punditry in general, often has as much to do with the source's personal hang-ups as his or her ideological constructs. A lot of paleos who adopt holier-than-thou "anti-militarism" poses are doing so, I believe, partly out of guilt complexes over their ultimate lack of real participation in the world's real struggles away from their keyboards. They've internalized their own 'chickenhawk' slurs to the point where they are desperate to adopt stances that immunize them from the same charge.

    Rod had years of opportunities to seek embedding as a journalist in Iraq or Afghanistan. He didn't. Of course, he'll say he had a family and couldn't take the risk. Because only single journalists have ever deployed to the war zone, you see.

    I do think Rod feels guilt--the reason he's written so much about his *impressions* of 9/11 is because on the day itself, he, a journalist in NYC, on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge from the biggest story that will ever happen in his life, would not cross that bridge.

    If I were in his Birkenstocks, I'd probably cope with the shame I felt at any airport when I saw uniformed men lugging duffel bags on their way to or from long campaigns the same way: by convincing myself they were all brainwashed cogs in the mill-wheel of Empire.

  5. Today Our Hero goes all class warfare:

    Great piece on how unfair the US tax system is. How much longer can this go on b4 middle class revolts? I'm sick of it!

  6. I noticed that he wrote a blog post about, what else, the Church needing reform. The man walked away from the Church four years ago, and he's still writing about it. I guess writing about problems with the Orthodox Church doesn't draw the page hits.

  7. Man from K Street, you are much too brilliant and perceptive NOT to have a blog!

  8. SiliconValleySteveApril 19, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    Regarding the class warfare link, I would think that if my financial well being (and that of my family) were dependant on a large international investment fund, I would cool the anti-capitalist rhetoric. Something tells me that the relationship of the new Publishing Director and the management of the Templeton foundation is not exactly a marriage made in heaven. This could explain the weekend trip to Dallas without family. Looking for a way to crawl back?