Friday, October 7, 2011

Pathetic White People


Makes me so embarrassed to be white.


  1. My favorite OccupyWallStreet sign. WARNING: NSFW due to foul language.

    He's the one guy who actually thought this through -- and realized that was the only coherent idea out of it. (Trust me on that -- I had a twitter back-and-forth with an OccupyDallas! guy yesterday, and that is the best he could come up with too. )

  2. That sign is awesome. Thanks. I bet these grannies are dropping F-bombs left and right when they're not on stage.

    Like that guy's coat in the other picture: F Work. How apro-frickin-pos.

  3. I think I'm ashamed to be a human being, watching that thing.

  4. People are comparing these goofballs to the Tea Party. Someday they will be embarrassed that they ever did that. Sort of like the people who compared Obama to Christ.