Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am the 98%

...who don't care about immigration and who view the issue as a big distraction. Excerpt:

Actually, no major poll of the last year—no, not one of them—showed robust public interest in immigration. This month, CBS News asked respondents to name “the most important problem facing this country today.” Less than 2 percent came up with “illegal immigration,” while a dozen other concerns, led by “the economy and jobs,” of course, finished higher on the list. Over the summer, surveys from Bloomberg and Fox News found 3 percent and 2 percent, respectively, who identified immigration as a priority, with gas prices, the war in Afghanistan, health care, the deficit, education, and even nebulous concerns like “partisan politics” and “moral values” more frequently mentioned by the public.


  1. OOoooh, Michael Medved. Did he get a few plugs in mentioning how he's the left's favorite conservative? Because that never gets old.

  2. Shoot the messenger. Great strategy.

  3. Sorry, I'm just burned out on Medved. I listened to his show fairly regularly and generally like him, but at times I tire of the "reasonable" act.

    Also, this poll is kind of pointless. If someone asked me this same question I also wouldn't put illegal immigration as a priority, but it's still an important concern. It's a sign of how many problems we have that something like our border problems doesn't register at the top of people's lists.

  4. Sorry, I'm just burned out on immigration.