Monday, July 25, 2016

Tim Kaine: Another Pro-abortion Catholic VP Candidate

Wow, what a coincidence. Hillary picks another souper candidate—a pro-choice Catholic in the mold of Joe Biden. This is obviously meant to secure the Catholic vote which is already eluding Trump as this piece points out; excerpt:

Consistently reliable Republicans who attend Mass weekly supported Mitt Romney four years ago by 15 percentage points. Clinton is winning this critical slice of the Catholic electorate by a whopping 19 points. The Republican ticket also usually performs well with white Catholic voters, who supported Romney by 9 points, 53 percent to 44 percent. Clinton has halved that gap, trailing Trump by only a few percentage points, 50 percent to 46 percent.

John Zmirak sums it up for me. My thoughts exactly, man.

As a Catholic who considers human life the first and most critical issue, with freedom a very close second, I can cut some slack to secular atheists and agnostics who don’t see what’s wrong with abortion. Their worldview tells them that life is cheap, man is a mutant, and we should grab what pleasure we can before our skulls fall to rot with Darwin’s. That’s an ugly view of life, but at least it makes sense. I feel profoundly sad for people who see their own lives this way; they’re like a primitive tribe that forgot why cannibalism is wrong, which proudly shows a visiting missionary their jewelry made out of human fingers.

But when a highly educated Christian, himself a former Catholic missionary, slaps on such a necklace because it will help him win elections — that’s something else entirely. Tim Kaine’s is the face of a man who knows better, who by his own admission realizes exactly what Planned Parenthood is doing, and who they are doing it to: innocent children, who hide in the womb as each of us, and as the baby Jesus, once did. It should be the safest place on this fraught and fallen earth — but in America, it has become a killing field. Not because of men like Lenin, like Hitler, or even like Hugh Hefner.

Because of men like Senator Kaine.


  1. Tim Kaine apparently needed a home, and Hillary was the only one who wanted him:

    The most recent job approval numbers had Kaine at just +12 percent favorable, and well below the 50% required for a solid chance chance at reelection.

    Even Politico is being a meanie.

    1. On the Politico article: When I was in Japan on business in the late '90s, my Japanese counterpart commented that most Japanese were not surprised that US politicians could be bought, but were very surprised that they could be bought so cheaply. (Apparently you had to come up with a couple of million to buy a run-of-the-mill Japanese politician.)

      Some things don't change.

  2. More here on Sen. Kaine's Catholicism.

    I fear that Kaine will be used, more so than Pelosi, Biden, et al., as a cudgel to get conservative Catholics in line with the sexual license program -- by portraying Kaine as the picture of what a Catholic "should" be.

    1. Kaine's being characterized as a "Pope Francis Catholic" doesn't bode well either. Whatever the Pope's private convictions, lefties seem to have attached themselves to him, as pikkumatti says, as a way to get conservative Catholics to get with the program.

    2. Further along these lines, this article notes that the combination of Trump's lack of religion with the nomination of Kaine is allowing the Dems to "claim" God in this election cycle.

      Whether it is true matters little, of course. It's the perception (and the reported perception) that will matter.

    3. The perception is -- Tim Kaine offered the most powerful and overtly-religious testimony, explaining how his faith drove him to public service: “I went to a Jesuit boys high school,” he said. “We had a motto in my school, ‘men for others.’ And it was there that my faith became something vital. My north star for orienting my life. And when I left high school, I knew that I wanted to battle for social justice. … That is why I took a year off from law school to volunteer with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras.” He said he was most struck by the dictatorship in that country “where a few people at the top had all the power and everybody else got left out.”

      No word whether advocating abortion to reduce costly family size among impoverished Hondurans was part of the mission.

      The perception is also, as advanced by Rod Dreher himself, that it was Rod's Vance article that caused the TAC site to implement its CloudFlare DDOS filter, not any actual DDOS attack on the site itself as one's lying eyes might suggest. True believers are to be found everywhere.

      There is no cure for the stupid, regardless of provenance, other than to try one's best not to let them marry into one's own genetic line. God willing, time and natural selection will take care of the rest in due course.

  3. The Washington Post ran an article about Kaine reinventing himself after he wasn't picked as VP candidate in 2008. Which is about the same time he changed from actively pro-life to actively pro-abortion.

    I look at the man and I think, "But for Wales?"

  4. The idea that Tim Kaine has little support may not be entirely true.