Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Starting the political prisoner clock for Mark Shea

Last night, Catholic writer Mark Shea predicted that the cult of President Donald Trump would love it if the President began taking political prisoners. "I wonder how long till Trump starts taking political prisoners? His cult would love it," were his actual words.

It's an interesting question. That is why I am starting a count up clock to see how long it will take for Donald Trump to begin holding people in prisons for their political beliefs. It only made sense to start this clock at President Trump's inauguration on January 20 of the year 2017 to make it fair on him. So far we are up to 579 days, 12 hours and some odd minutes.

With regard to his "cult", I'm not sure who is circumscribed by this description. Possibly he means Republicans in general who he claims are racists, and therefore being cult members is just a hop, skip and jump from that. I am not the member of any cults, though, even though I am a Republican. However I am not aware of being a racist, and subconscious racism is supposedly a thing, so it is possible that I am a cult member without realizing it.

Hmmmmm.... I wonder if you can have a mental disorder without realizing it.

UPDATE: (9/11/2018) Well, I decided in the spirit of Catholic fraternity I would remove the clock from the side-bar and just leave it here. In these days of turmoil I don't want to tout the asininity of fellow Catholics overly much.


  1. Sorry, dude. Based on your blog photo, you're whiter than a polar bear in a snowstorm, therefore, you must be racist. And since you don't think Trump is Hitler or Satan, you must be a cult member.

    By "without realizing it," do you mean someone who's never been told he has a mental illness? Because there are plenty of narcissists out there, for example, who don't believe anything is ever their fault, no matter how many times they're told that they have a problem.

  2. I'm certain that if some left-leaning politician is arrested for ANYTHING - even if guilty - they're going to freak out and claim this has now happened.

    Would be hilarious to compare this against one his old posts talking about Republican reactions to Obama.

    1. It's a fair point, and I considered it. There is a woman out there who is in the country illegally and proud of it to the point of being an open borders activist. If she's even detained for a crime let alone jailed, people like Shea will call her a political prisoner.

  3. Here's a political prisoner under the previous administration...

  4. Mark Shea knows what he's talking about concerning cults. His following on social media constitutes a cult and he's the Catholic version of L. Ron Hubbard.