Monday, July 12, 2021

Google and SPLC are both untrustworthy

Went to RCP five minutes ago, and it was a tossup which to read first: Google Scrubs Report on SPLC Link to Shooter From Search or Why Big Tech Will Lose the Censorship Wars. But since I am in a pessimistic mood today, I picked the first.

I could call this blog post "Why I use Duck-Duck-Go". Or maybe "Why you should use Duck-Duck-Go".

Excerpt from the piece:

Breitbart News has experienced similar censorship from Google, with the exact wording of Breitbart headlines failing to generate results on the first page of Google. Instead, the searches bring up results for websites that plagiarize the headlines and content of original Breitbart News stories.

In a comment to Breitbart News, Cernovich said he believed the SPLC went to Google to remove negative information about themselves.

“I wrote a truthful report, which relied on publicly available court records, about the SPLC’s connection to a mass shooter. Rather than demand a retraction, which they know they could not obtain, the SPLC clearly ran to Google to have them remove my report. Google is censoring truthful information at the behest of left wing organizations.”

Cernovich noted that the SPLC is a discredited organization, having been forced into a multi-million dollar settlement with the secularist campaigner Maajid Nawaz after it added the moderate Muslim to a list of “anti-Muslim extremists.”

Just to make sure you understand this, companies and organizations optimize keywords to bring up search results. So if I work in IT for Dick's Sporting Goods then I want the search phrase "camping gear" to bring up my company's site near the top. But I am not worrying about what happens if the user types the exact phrase Dick's Sporting Goods in because it will be the top hit naturally. In fact, I just keyed in "Rick's Sporting Goods" for fun and it brought up the DSG page.

So this is an instance where Google must have "hardcoded" a censoring block on this aricle even if you type in the exact title into the search bar How a Convicted Terrorist used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Website to Identify Targets. I am calling this "hardcoding" for a reason. Allegedly only the top programmers work for Google and hardcoding, placing data inside programs, is a terrible practice. "Data belongs in a database!" Ohhhh... so there is a internal database table dedicated to blocking these sorts of things. Got it. Thank you for your cooperation.

Regardless how they are crippling their algorithm to suppress, or even hide, the search results which are inconvenient to their ideology, there is absolutely no way to claim this is not happening. Soon there will be a counter database out there with links to everything whose rank Google is adjusting deliberately. Of course this is not a new revelation, but someone with more smarts and resources than me might find out how to automate the population of such a database. Then we will see a true, high-tech counter weight to Big Search.

Oh, and check this out guys. I just Googled the title "Google Scrubs Mike Cernovich Report on SPLC Link to Mass Shooter from Search Results". Here is what can up:

If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources. We are here treated to Google's disclaimer and suggestion that results from the search Google Scrubs Mike Cernovich Report on SPLC Link to Mass Shooter from Search Results are not reliable.

Hey, Google, this topic is not new, for your information. However this particular story is still developing.

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  1. It gets worse with Google, Pauli. From a piece I read today, it turns out that Google Translate will helpfully edit out unfortunate content it its translation of certain passages.

    Unfortunate in the sense that it might offend the wrong sensibilities of course.

    This is especially insidious because we can't ourselves check the translation -- that's why we're using the damn Google Translate in the first place.

    Don't send your money or trust your information or identity to Google.