Thursday, April 17, 2008

Words fail me

Warning: Read this at you own risk.

I believe this may be the sickest, vilest thing I've ever seen. It might make you sick, it will definitely make you angry.


  1. That is an atrocity...evil and Satanic. I can't comprehend how anyone can be that callous.

  2. A woman artificially inseminated herself multiple times, taking abortifacient drugs after she became pregnant each time.

    She did this multiple times, recording herself having miscarriages & saving the blood.

    She did this for her senior art project at Yale University.

  3. you know, this was just a matter of time at a place like Yale. 20 years ago i knew someone who was saving his own excrement as an art project. he got amazing grades from the credulous art professors and got a scholarship to Cambridge (UK) for a masters degree. these students know what buttons to push to impress their professors and how to take their professors' ridiculous ideas and run with them, but also the smart ones find a way to stand out from the crowd and one-up the competition -- she's a clever girl. no doubt she'll end up a successful artist someday (i'm not kidding, she will). we already know ugliness sells, so why not moral depravity?

    this story compels me to say it's time to draw a line in the sand and for conservatives to refuse to send their children to a school like Yale.

  4. she preserved the "blood" in vaseline and wrapped it in sheets of plastic and around a cube shape, on which she projected films of herself having the miscarriages.

    bet she got an "A". her parents must be so proud of their successful daughter at Yale.

  5. Kathleen: "this story compels me to say it's time to draw a line in the sand and for conservatives to refuse to send their children to a school like Yale."

    WOW. That was one of my first thoughts after the initial horror wore off.

  6. bet she got an "A". her parents must be so proud of their successful daughter at Yale.

    Yes. And they can say that their grandkids were also part of a ground-breaking art exhibit.


  7. the "update" that this is a "hoax" changes nothing for me in this story. she was still doing this for a project and still getting a grade for it, and it was a project sponsored by an art professor. and is it still going on display? if so, how is yale going to assure anyone this is only a "creative fiction" and not actually abortion? in my opinion if Yale allows this project to go on display that still makes Yale a thoroughly reprehensible institution. there's no way someone would be able to prove she did or didn't conceive/miscarry, they just have to rely on her word and her desire to avoid further publicity is great incentive for her to lie.

  8. Yes -- I agree; I first heard the rumor yesterday that it was faked and I thought "swell -- more public pornography."

    I'm going to be really busy all day, so feel free to post the link, Kathleen.

  9. I saw the TX AG talking about the polygamy case. They were using a lot of modern sociological NAZI language in the interview. They have not yet produced the 16 year old girl who allegedly made the call, also they I saw that tanks and ninja looking law enforcement personal were involved. It would be nice to know how soon after the call did the government decide to roll out the tanks?

    Also since there is not yet a 16 year old girl in custody Am I wrong to ASSUME that the TX AG is a DEMOCRAT?

    I have not read anything about the case other than 400+ children were seized by the government. When I hear kids seized, no evidence, NAZI language, tanks, compound, religious cult, I automatically assume democrat.

    Anyone know for sure? J-Carp? Rod?

  10. further update, friday morning:

    EXACTLY as i suspected, no one knows if they were real abortions or not. that student is CLEVER. now she has Yale over a barrel, and Yale is revealed to be a totally corrupt and cynical institution (from today's Yale Daily News):

    “She is an artist and has the right to express herself through performance art,” Klasky [the Yale Dean] said. 'Had these acts been real, they would have violated basic ethical standards and raised serious mental and physical health concerns.'

    But in an interview later Thursday afternoon, Shvarts defended her work and called the University’s statement 'ultimately inaccurate.' ....“No one can say with 100-percent certainty that anything in the piece did or did not happen,' Shvarts said, adding that she does not know whether she was ever pregnant. 'The nature of the piece is that it did not consist of certainties.'
    Told of Shvarts’ comments, the University fired back. In a statement issued just before midnight on Thursday, Klasky told the News that Shvarts had vowed that if the University revealed her admission, 'she would deny it.'

    'Her denial is part of her performance,” Klasky wrote in an e-mail message. “We are disappointed that she would deliberately lie to the press in the name of art.' "
    how in the hell does Klasky, the Yale dean, know that the student is lying?! OBVIOUSLY SHE DOESN'T. Like the Democratic party, Yale University implodes on itself. this girl has Yale up against the wall, forcing Yale to either sanction this "art project" or reveal itself to be utterly bereft of any moral standards. genius.

  11. That's why I will discourage my children to go there. They need an education not to play games.

  12. I'm telling you, this is the collision of "Gonzo" journalism, weirdo shocko "performance art" and the culture of death... and she will be rich and famous.

  13. It is stunts like this women performed that prove the validity of William Buckley's book "God and Man at Yale."

  14. Agreed...even if it's a hoax and no babies were aborted, it's still cruel, disgusting and evil. Why? Because it treats the value of human life with flippancy for the sake of shock value.

  15. Morally bankrupt institutions are put between a rock and a hard place when evil assumes this "fair form", i.e., the Artist Expressing Herself. If they condemn her, they appear to be judgmental and mean. If they approve her, they appear to be spineless and relativistic.

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