Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maybe Corrigan Can Win

I'm still skeptical that Peter Corrigan can beat the Menace, but Bill Kristol provides some positive signs, if you really want to hope. Excerpt:

The poll (based on a small but respectable 319 person sample, with a margin of error of 5.6 percent, weighted to eliminate gender bias) shows Kucinich ahead of his opponent, Peter Corrigan, by only 4 percent. The profile of undecided voters suggests they may break for Corrigan by about 3-2. And Corrigan's 4 percent deficit turns into a 4 percent Corrigan lead when voters are given information on Kucinich's ties to corrupt local Democratic leaders, and on Kucinich's support for illegal immigration. These are signs that undecided voters could be pushed to go Corrigan’s way. Furthermore, Corrigan is running even with Kucinich among those who've already requested their absentee ballot, as early voting has already started in Ohio.

Corrigan is up on radio, but not on TV. He is doing direct mail to 150,000 households with persuadable voters. He has little cash on hand—but so does Kucinich (Kucinich had $88K to Corrigan's $35K at the end of the last filing period, and Kucinich out-raised Corrigan in the 3rd quarter by only $30K).

It would be sweet to cream Kucinich in the election, but I'm not getting emotionally invested in that, not yet. Beating him by 1 vote would be equivalent to creaming him, believe me.

It was kind of funny; we were at the parade this summer in Olmsted Falls which is a popular one for candidates in the even years. Our family of seven was standing with our double baby carriage over on the left side of the street near the beginning of the parade route. Dennis Kucinich came along walking by himself alongside a car with the big yellow DENNIS! sign on it. He took one glance at our family, turned and walked across the street to where some seniors were seated on lawn chairs and started talking to them. I got a big smile on my face; you could almost see his political instinct twitching like antennae on his little head. He represents the sad history of this district, but fortunately not the future.

Think I'll throw Corrigan a few bucks. You can do it by going here. He's a good man. Here's a blurb on Mr. Corrigan from Cleveland Right to Life which endorsed him for District 10:

Peter has strong pro-life credentials and will bring a new energy to the region that will not only reflect his pro-life position but will also help to alleviate poverty and joblessness in the region. In conversation with Peter and his wife, Cleveland Right to Life discovered a man with a deep conviction for doing what is right coupled with a firm grasp of the business and social environment in District 10. Peter will restore integrity to the region.

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