Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes, I've got the desert in my toenails...

...oh yeah...

...and I hid the speed inside my shoes.


  1. Keith is such a wreck, and has such a gorgeous feel for the music.

    Great tune, from the best album put out by the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band. With Bobby Keys, to boot!

  2. I know, Exile is truly amazing. An unrepeatable event.

  3. Can I just say that I feel totally vindicated by tonight's news that Keith Richards is/was a successful heroin addict? I've been trying to persuade my husband of this theory for years. Sixty-something guys who don't run ultra marathons just aren't that slim and wiry unless they have a very high class heroin habit, probably complete with medical supervision...I believe it's true of the entire group except perhaps charlie watts. that is all.

  4. apparently now that Keith has come out and admitted that he was addicted and good at it, it's news. although i think he's using (spuriously) the past tense regarding his addiction...