Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He's obviously not a lawyer

If you murder your baby, don't forget to tell your husband to keep his mouth shut when you get caught. Otherwise he may say something like this:

"My wife was not in her five senses. She didn't know what she was doing," Medina said, choking back tears. "I don't know if many people know what postpartum depression is, but in reality it is something very serious and needs to be treated."

Not "in her five senses." Weak. A sad story, but premeditation was likely involved.

Simmons said Hermosillo's behavior showed she intended to kill her son, regardless of her mental state.

"It's not like she's in a fetal position when the police arrived," he said. "She picks a specific location, drives to the top of the building (and) takes the helmet off. I'm sure she's depressed, the post-partum blues, I'm sure she had some of that."

I have five kids, OK? Do you think there's never been pust-partum depression in our house? It's pretty bad, but murder is something different. Rest in peace, little guy.


  1. yeah, no excuse. there's nothing more stressful than having a new baby. My first day alone with my first baby, two weeks after a C section, was 9/11 and i was stuck alone in DC, so these people can suck it.

  2. I think some slack for the husband on Day 1 is due. He's got a lot to try to figure out all of a sudden, so "wife went out of her five senses" is the first exit door he came to along the way.

    If he starts "supporting" her after time passes (as opposed to wanting her to burn in hell forever), then I would become suspicious that either he was in on the plan, or a significant cause of the result. Or he is a tremendously forgiving person, which we should of course admire and aspire to.

  3. OK, some slack for the husband, assuming he's not "in on it". I blame the press for even talking to this guy. What is he supposed to say?

    I think there has to be a "seed" for this kind of thing to grow. Obviously post-partum depression is about the richest soil which can be imagined for the seed to grow in. Mistaking the soil for the seed seems to be the mistake people make when they blame post-partum depression for something this horrendous.

  4. "In on it" is on my mind due to a notorious case down in these here parts. In that case, the husband was totally "supportive" of his wife during the trial and remains so to this day, while she sits on Death Row. I'm guessing he'd better be "supportive" still or she's going to spill the beans.

    Check out the "Motive" section of that Wikipedia story and you'll see the financial angle.

    This case was particularly grotesque as the local TV stations showed the "party" that Mom threw at the sons' gravesites on one of their birthdays (see "Scandal"). The music she played at the grave was "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio.